November News

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Help Fort Worth in our Membership Contest – you can be a part of the greatest comeback of 2020!  Texas PTA is also providing the stats for the weekly Greatest Comeback Tour. Week 3 has started! Texas PTA sent an email to all PTA leaders they have on file. There are 2 more weeks of contests to encourage all Texas PTAs to submit their membership dues and to continue recruiting members. Let’s go FWISD!
Here is the updated Local Roster link from Texas PTA. Updated today, check your membership totals and more!
This spreadsheet has a lot of great information. You can confirm Texas PTA has logged the members your PTA has submitted. You will also see if you currently have Active status with Texas PTA. If there are any missing items with the Texas PTA Standards of Affiliation they will change your PTA to Inactive. Continued status of Inactive will lead to Restructure. We will have a session that will dive into this spreadsheet and all of the data that it represents and what steps to take.
There is also a link on the Texas PTA site (Local Roster is in Blue):
If you have any questions, let us know so we can highlight them on the LIVE session centered around the Local Roster in case others have similar questions.
Facebook LIVE FWISD Council of PTAs.PNG
At this time we will pause on Feedback Friday’s due to the availability of PTA leaders as FWISD has transitioned to in person availability in October.
We are excited to announce we are transitioning to Facebook LIVE broadcasts that we are currently calling  “Catching up with Council” on our public page (Like our page ! The Facebook LIVE sessions will happen every Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesday we will have content/education to share and on Friday we will have a guest join us (including PTA Leaders, so be on the lookout for an invite).

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