About Your Council

The Fort Worth ISD Council of PTAs is YOUR local support team.

Our role is to:

  • strengthen local PTA units
  • develop leadership
  • encourage membership
  • connect local units with Texas and National PTA

Our goals  are:

  • Increase the Council’s visibility with local PTA units and the Fort Worth Independent School District
  • Improve digital communications via the website and social media
  • Strengthen our local PTAs by providing the support needed to help them remain active, thriving units.
  • Facilitate the creation of new PTAs at schools where the community has expressed a desire to do so
  • Provide enhanced and new program opportunities


If your local PTA needs assistance, contact your Council Board at FWISDCouncilPTA@gmail.com

You may also contact any of our 2017-2018 Board Members directly:

President:  Tiffany Rogers, tiffanyrogers23@gmail.com

1st VP Aide to the President:   Lisa Saucedo,  lisasaucedo@att.net

2nd VP Programs:  Edith Dwight, edithdwight@gmail.com

3rd VP Membership:  Michelle Henderson, michellehenderson@sbcglobal.net

Treasurer:  Derrick Varnell, derrickvarnell@sbcglobal.net

Secretary:  Brandi Estes, estes777@gmail.com

Parliamentarian:   Molly Hyry, mhyry@sbcglobal.net

Historian:  Veronica Villegas – valanizvillegas@gmail.com

FWISD Superintendent’s Rep:  Jennifer Perez – jennifer.perez@fwisd.org

Arts and Reflections:  OPEN

Digital Communications Chair:  Scott Nishimura – snishimura1@att.net

Environmental Awareness Chair: OPEN

Healthy Lifestyles Chair: OPEN

Legislative Chair:  Haley Zamarripa, haley.zamarripa@yahoo.com

Pyramid Liaison/Arlington Heights High School:  Secilia Rodriguez – sissy8rod@yahoo.comn

Pyramid Liaison/Benbrook Middle High School:  OPEN

Pyramid Liaison/Programs of Choice Schools:  Sally Gulde, sallygulde@gmail.com

Pyramid Liaison/Diamond Hill-Jarvis Hill School:  Rosalinda Martinez – rosalinda.mar09@gmail.com

Pyramid Liaison/Dunbar High School:  OPEN

Pyramid Liaison/Eastern Hills High School:  Charles Hodges – charles.hodges@fwisd.org

Pyramid Liaison/Northside High School:  Andrew Spencer – spencer.andrewb@gmail.com

Pyramid Liaison/Paschal High School:  Maria Manks – maria.manks@fwisd.org

Pyramid Liaison/South Hills High School:  OPEN

Pyramid Liaison/Southwest High School:  OPEN

Pyramid Liaison/Western Hills High School:  Alex Montalvo – wavparkpta@gmail.com

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